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       Egg & Dairy Free?

      The Happy Bakery is 100% free of all animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin, and honey. We know that delicious, hearty meals and desserts can easily be made without the use of animals, so we promote our mission to feed your bellies with happy, cruelty-free treats that are better for our bodies, the animals, and the environment.


*** Did you know? In the 1940's, during WW2, eggs, milk, and butter were heavily rationed and hard to get, so many recipes were formed to create decadent desserts and avoid the use of these items entirely. Instead of using a odd, hard-to-understand replacements and substitutions, we bring our grandmothers' recipes to the modern day, and handcraft our treats with their naturally animal-free methods. Women of the 40's were creative, and we proudly carry on that ingenuity. 

      What If My Family Has Allergies or Special Diet? 

      The Happy Bakery can accommodate many allergies and intolerances, including gluten and nuts, but we are not a dedicated nut or gluten free facility, so we advise discretion when ordering our products if our allergies are severe or life threatening. Most of our products contain soy, but we can accommodate soy allergies on many items, with enough advance notice. If you have dietary restrictions, please advise customer service of any sensitivities before ordering so we can make sure your order is safe. 

      Our plantbased format is an ethical decision, not a diet plan. We do not offer specialty diet products like Keto, Atkins, Paleo, sugar free, or low carb. Our products are naturally cholesterol free. 

      What is the best way to order a cake?

     We offer detailed custom cakes on a limited basis. Wedding or Special Event cakes can be ordered with enough advance notice and a 50% deposit of total price. For anything with a custom design, please visit our "Wedding & Special Event Cakes" page and request a free consultation.  This will allow us to reserve time to meet with you, undistracted, and create a design and a formal price quote for your project.


 ** All cakes are different--different sizes, different details, different complexity. No two custom cakes are exactly the same.  We cannot accurately quote a custom project without at least a preliminary consult. **

      We often offer a line of delicious, ready-to-eat bakery cakes in our case for daily pickup, as our schedule permits. Simple, family-style cakes and cupcakes can also be preordered, with 48 hours' notice,  through our online menu, with limited customization.

      Once frosted and refrigerated, cakes can stay fresh for 3-5 days, so if you need to pick up a cake a few days before your celebration, no worries! We will be happy to show you how to properly transport and store your cake for optimal freshness. 


 About Our Kitchen

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