Commonly Asked Questions 

We do our best to anticipate your needs here at The Happy Bakery. If there is anything you are wondering about or cannot find answers to on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us any time. If we cannot answer the phone, we will respond to your message at our earliest convenience. You are also welcome to email or call us any time at the numbers and addresses listed in our Contact page. 

Why are your cakes so expensive?

     There is often a lot of sticker shock when pricing custom cakes. I know. They're not cheap.

Anyone can go to a grocery store and pick out a cake off the shelf. But that cake was shipped frozen, stored, decorated with commercial icing from a bucket by a store employee. Grocery store cakes are far from a custom cake. 


     In our bakery, everything is created uniquely to your design. You choose your cake flavor combinations, fillings, frosting, colors, decor theme. I design your decorations based on your individual theme, invitation, or event decor. Your cake will never be duplicated, and it is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.


     Cakes are very labor intensive. Not only do we account for the time spent baking and decorarting, but also the time spent planning your design, shopping, sculpting, prepping, and communicating with our clients. Fondant, gumpaste, and sugarwork is extremely time consuming, as the materials have to be made, sculpted, dried and hardened--it can take anywhere from days to weeks to create a complex sugar scene.

    For cake artists, creation is a labor of love, and you can rest assured that your cake will be made with care, love, and craftsmanship you won't find in the big box stores. 

How should I pay for my cake once it's ordered?

When you book a custom cake with The Happy Bakery, you will get a one-on-one personal consultation, design sketch, photocopy of your order on paper, and full service delivery and setup options, if needed. 


You will be required to pay a deposit ($100 minimum) to reserve your event date. This ensures that your spot is guaranteed and you will never have your order dropped due to overbooking. Your cake is not considered booked until the deposit has been paid. 


You can pay the deposit, or you can pay your balance in full. Your balance must be paid in full at least 48 hours prior to the delivery date, but you are welcome to make payments towards the balance at your convenience until that time. Orders being picked up are allowed to be paid off at time of pickup.


We accept all major credit and debit cards, Paypal, and cash. You can pay by phone, or make an appointment to stop in and pay in person. Personal checks are accepted but must clear before your cake is considered booked. 

If you are renting a cake stand from our shop, we do require a $25-$50 deposit. Half of that deposit will be kept as a rental fee, and the other half will be returned to you upon return of the cake stand. 


If you have made a deposit payment and confirmed your booking, tastings are complimentary with any order over $150. If you book a cake tasting with us before committing to a cake order, we require a $30 deposit as a tasting fee. 

The cake I want is out of my budget. Do you offer discounts?

I do offer discounts on occasion, as part of special promotions or fundraising offers. However, due to my already very competitive prices and dedication to high quality, I do not frequently discount my cakes. 

I am happy to work with peoples' budgets and scale the design complexity to fit within their means. I will often ask clients, before asking anything else, what their budget is so I know exactly how detailed and complex their cake can get. 


We may also negotiate a lower price if you are willing to give us relative free-range in artistic license. Meaning, if you do not have an exact design in mind and are willing to let us come up with our own unique design, we are often happy to give a bit of a discount in exchange for the higher range of creative freedom.  


Do different flavors have different prices?

All flavors are included in the price of your cake--including the cake flavor, filling, and frosting. You can mix and match your cake/frosting flavors however you like. Multi-tiered cakes start at $5 per serving if the flavor is the same throughout the entire cake. You are welcome to choose a different flavor combination for each tier at $6 per serving  

If you opt for multiple flavors or fillings per cake tier, it may raise your price, but not significantly. Dietary considerations and substitutions may also cost a minor raise in price but, again, nothing significant.

I also offer alcohol-based flavors for adult parties, and those do come with a nominal additional charge. 

Do you have any customer reviews?

We sure do! We boast a solid five star rating on Facebook, Yelp, as well as Google Business, The Knot, and Scott Wives Club.


Customer service is our top priority. Anyone can order a cake from anyone willing to make one, but our high quality, handmade products and top-rated customer service that keeps our guests coming back.  We want to ensure that every visit you make to our shop is an excellent experience, and we stand behind our work. 

We value you.  You and your special event deserve nothing but the best. 



How far in advance do I need to order?

The general rule of thumb is that the earlier you book, the better. We are a small shop with a handful of employees, and we book up quickly. We will happily hold an advance order until the date gets closer as long as a deposit has been made, but it may be difficult to fit in a last-minute request, particularly during busy months (June, September, December) and holiday seasons. 


For cakes, the sooner you can begin discussing your order, the better. I usually request 6 weeks' notice (minimum) for custom cakes. This gives enough time for discussion of details, customizations, questions, changes, etc. Also, if I need to purchase special ingredients or supplies, this gives enough time for shipping, if I need to custom order it. 

For smaller events, cookies, etc, one week's notice is usually sufficient unless it is a holiday. 



What if I don't like what I receive?

I work closely with my customers to make sure we are always on the same page as far as design. I will often send progress photos as I work, and check in if I ever question the direction you want me to go. Open communication is a must, and I will always respect your wishes and ideas. 

Because flavor is so subjective, I strongly advise my clients to use discretion when choosing the flavor of their item. If you have questions about any particular flavor or flavor combination, I will gladly offer suggestions, but cannot be held liable if a client ends up disliking what they order. All my cakes, fillings, frostings, and fondant are made from high quality ingredients, fresh for each customer. Quality is of utmost importance. 


Sometimes, accidents happen. Though we work hard to prevent any defects in our quality, sometimes cakes dry out a bit, fondant cracks, or buttercream melts. Cake is not a sturdy, permanent art, and things go wrong from time to time. In the event you should be unsatisfied with any aspect of your order, please contact us right away, and we will do our best to make it right. 

If an element of your cake ever happens to be flawed upon delivery--a cosmetic flaw, structural damage, or other natural issue, I will do my best to repair the problem and offer you a partial or full refund, depending on the severity of the flaw. 

Do you ship your cakes or cupcakes?

We do not. We still have not figured out a way to ship a cake without it becoming a big box of mush. 


We do offer cake pickup or delivery within the local metro area, and would also consider delivery to neighboring states, but travel costs would be at the client's expense. 


We do ship small treats such as truffles, blondies, cookies, and cake pops. These ship USPS Priority, nationwide. 

An emergency came up, and I need to cancel my order!

We totally understand that things beyond our control happen sometimes and cancellations need to be made.


We are willing to work with clients on an individual basis if they need to cancel their order. Generally speaking, once a deposit has been made it is either nonrefundable or only partially refundable. The deposit covers the time spent planning and designing, any purchases made for the cake's supplies and materials, and compensates for the reservation of time, as I can only book a small number of orders per week. 

If you need to cancel an order, please contact me as soon as possible, and I can possibly make an arrangement that suits us both. 

Do you make gluten free cakes?

All of our cakes are available gluten free. 

As with our regular cakes, we always do thorough taste testing--not just for flavor, but also moistness and texture. I want every cake to be tender and soft and fluffy. If you're in need of special dietary considerations, please make sure to indicate that when ordering. 

Can you make cakes without eggs/nuts/dairy?

All ouf The happy Bakery's products are handmade at our facility, and are completely free of animal products and byproducts.  We use no milk, cream, butter, eggs, conventional sugar (which is filtered through animal bone char), or bacon/meat products. 

We use Earth Balance, Rice milk, Soy milk, Coconut Cream, and fair trade, organic chocolate and sugar.

As with all products, I cannot control the allergen environment of the facility from which our ingredients (flour, nut/grain milks, etc) are manufactured. I can take all reasonable measures to keep your cake allergen free in my own kitchen, but if a product has possibly been in contact with allergens at the factory, I cannot make a rock-solid guarantee that it is safe. If allergies are a life threatening issue for you or your family, I strongly suggest providing me with a list of specific products/ingredients that you know are created in an allergy-free facility. 


The Happy Bakery cannot be held liable for allergic reactions. We take all reasonable precautions to prevent any allergen cross-contamination, but ultimately, consumption of our products is at the customer's discretion and liability. 

If you're in need of special dietary considerations, please make sure to indicate that when ordering. 

How many flavors can I choose?

You may choose whatever you like!


If you are ordering a multiple tiered cake, you can choose a different flavor combination for each tier. 


If you desire multiple cake or frosting/filling flavors per tier, that may raise your price a small amount.

If you are ordering mini cupcakes, you can choose one cake flavor and one frosting per dozen. Mini cupcakes do not come with filling. 

You also have the option of swirling two flavors together in one cake. ie:

- Vanilla/chocolate marble

- Orange/vanilla dreamsicle

- Chocolate/peanut butter

- Caramel/mocha

I saw a cake I love and want one just like it!

At the Happy Bakery, cake is an art.


Each cake artist has different talents, skills, and techniques, so cakes will always differ from artist to artist. Also, with my own cakes, I guarantee each customer that their cake is a one of a kind work, so I do not duplicate designs.


I am always happy to use the cake you love as inspiration to create a similar design just for you. Please send any photos that inspire you when inquiring about a cake, and I can draw up a design sketch incorporating the pieces you love. 

Is your bakery kosher?

While our products are dietetically kosher by default, as no animal products are used in our bakery, our kitchen has not been properly kashered or certified, and so we do not comply with strict Kashrut restrictions. 


Can you make a vegan, sugar free, or fat free cake?

All of our cakes and products are vegan by default. 

We do not make artificially sweetened cakes, but if a cake using unrefined sugars, date or fruit purees, etc are requested, we can work with your recipes. We cannot guarantee the quality or texture of these cakes, as they are not part of our regular menu. 

Fat free cakes are available, and are made with applesauce, or nonfat, nondairy yogurt.
We cannot make fat free frosting or buttercream, but can glaze your cake in a fat free confectioner's glaze.

Frosting options may be limited for all special-diet varieties, and extra charges may incur, due to specialty ingredients. 


Do I have to have fondant on my cake?

We know lots of people have an aversion to fondant, but we want to mention that our fondant is NOT the stiff, sickly sweet, plastic-like stuff you can buy at a craft store. It is not the glycerin-filled commercial junk most people end up peeling off their cake and discarding. 

Our fondant is premium quality Satin Ice, preferred by professional decorators around the world. It's basically just soft, silky, marshmallow candy. It dries firm, but not hard, and allows for a much greater range of decoration and design techniques.

If you're still not warm to the idea of fondant, that's no problem at all. I have done many buttercream-only cakes, and they always turn out just as lovely.

We can also combine mediums and cover the cake only in buttercream, but add modeling chocolate or gumpaste accents that can be removed before the cake is eaten. 

If I have fondant, do I still get frosting?



Fondant needs something to stick to, so there is a layer of frosting beneath it.

You can specify upon booking if you'd like a thicker layer or a thinner layer of frosting, if you have a preference. 

Do you offer savory food?

We offer breakfast Wednesday - Friday from 9:30 - 12pm.
We also have a daily hot lunch special Wednesday - Friday from 12p - 6p. Our lunch special is a single menu item, and changes daily. Our lunch special is available during all business hours, for dine-in or carryout, and is often friendly for our gluten free guests. 

We offer a full menu Brunch on Saturdays, from 10a - 2p, also available for dine-in or carryout, and typically has several gluten free options. 

You are more than welcome to call ahead and reserve tables, place a lunch/brunch order, or inquire about our weekly menu.  We post our menu every week in advance on Facebook and Instagram. 

I'm not sure what all these terms mean on your menu...?

Buttercream - A frosting made from whipped butter (we use Earth Balance nondairy butter), powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk or cream (we use soy or almond milk). It is sweet and creamy and can be adapted to just about any flavor. 

Ganache - A rich, thick combination of chocolate, butter, and heavy cream. it can be used as a filling or whipped to make a decadent frosting. It comes in dark or white chocolate. 

Tier - Some people get layers confused with tiers. Wedding cakes are usually several tiers--individually sealed cakes of different sizes, stacked on top of one another. Each tier is usually made of 2-4 layers, with filling between each layer. 

Fondant - Fondant is a decorative medium made of sugar. It is entirely edible and can be rolled to cover cakes for a satin smooth finish, or can be sculpted like clay to create flowers, details, figurines, etc. 

Gumpaste - The same thing as fondant, but with tylose powder added to make it dry hard like porcelain. It is also entirely edible and has no significant flavor difference from fondant. 

Doweling - Cakes are heavy. When you stack a cake on top of another, it needs support to make sure it doesn't collapse the cake beneath it. When cakes gets stacked, each cake sits on its own cakeboard, and is supported by paper or wooden dowels, which are inserted into the tier below it. When cutting your cake, simply start from the top. When all the cake from one tier has been served, remove the empty cakeboard and remove the dowels from the underlying tier. Tall cakes may also have a dowel running the entire height of the cake, in the very center. This dowel or skewer keeps the cake from shifting or sliding during transport. 

Nonpareils - Small sugar beads. They are colored, pearlized, or metallic, and are edible. 

Royal icing - Icing traditionally made from eggwhites or meringue powder (we use egg-free Aquafaba), powdered sugar, and water. It dries hard and brittle and can be used for a wide variety of decorating. 

Do you have a background in culinary arts?

I do not. My mother made wedding cakes as I was growing up, and everything I know, I learned from her, from other cake artists, from my own experiments, and good, old fashioned trial and error. 

My partner, Roy, has extensive experience in commercial kitchen, has worked as a restaurant manager for many years, and is a talented sculptor and painter. 

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