Commonly Asked Questions 

We do our best to anticipate your needs here at The Happy Bakery. If there is anything you are wondering about or cannot find answers to on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us any time. If we cannot answer the phone, we will respond to your message at our earliest convenience. You are also welcome to email or call us any time at the numbers and addresses listed in our Contact page. 

Why are your cakes so expensive?

How should I pay for my cake once it's ordered?

The cake I want is out of my budget. Do you offer discounts?

Do different flavors have different prices?

Do you have any customer reviews?

How far in advance do I need to order?

What if I don't like what I receive?

Do you ship your cakes or cupcakes?

An emergency came up, and I need to cancel my order!

Do you make gluten free cakes?

Can you make cakes without eggs/nuts/dairy?

How many flavors can I choose?

I saw a cake I love and want one just like it!

Is your bakery kosher?

Can you make a vegan, sugar free, or fat free cake?

Do I have to have fondant on my cake?

If I have fondant, do I still get frosting?

Do you offer savory food?

I'm not sure what all these terms mean on your menu...?

Do you have a background in culinary arts?

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