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      The Happy Bakery is a smallbatch kitchen.  Items tend to sell out. We do our best to update our online menu as items become unavailable.  We are happy to hold items for you if you call or order in advance.


      Orders are only accepted during open hours.  If you order after hours, it will be processed when we open.  

You will receive an email of confirmation.  Please check for order confirmation before proceeding to pick up.  If there are issues with your order, we will call. 


If your online order doesn't go through and we are open, please call us to let us know so we can check for glitches.


      Please note: During peak mealtimes, our shop gets busy, and online orders may be delayed.  The wait time on your order is approximate, and may fluctuate due to incoming traffic and dine-in orders.  

We want your food to be hot and fresh.  

If you preorder for dine-in, we will prepare your order, but we will not begin cooking it until you arrive. 


We are not fast food.

Handmade food takes time, and your patience is appreciated. 

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