Pricing Guidelines


As we are a custom cakery, we do not offer a catalogue of premade cake designs. Each of our creations is as unique and custom as the individual who orders it, and we take the time to draw up a design sketch and go over the details with you to make sure it is exactly right for you and your original theme.

** We love using other cake artists'  photos as inspiration for your designs, but we value artists' creativity and talents, so we will never duplicate another cake or steal another cakers' intellectual property. Each cake we make will be unique and designed just for you. 


Custom cakes are priced individually, by the project. All of our custom designed cakes start at a base price of $150, regardless of size. The total price is determined by size and complexity of design, ingredients required, and expectation of labor involved. A free personal consultation is required to receieve a detailed design sketch and price quote for your project.  


Tiered cakes and cakes for 25+ guests start at $5-$7 per serving. Sculptural elements, sugar flowers, piping and lacework, stenciling, or special effects will create a more expensive cake. Simple, bakery-style cakes without custom elements will naturally cost less. 

6" smash cakes and bakery-style cakes (Simple 6"-10" cakes to serve 6-25 people) start at $45 and can be ordered via walk-in, phone, or onlineWe generally do not offer sheet cakes, but will be happy to discuss your design ideas if that is what you seek. 

Each cake is finished with a lovely cakeboard base, decorated to match the cake and trimmed with ribbon for finished, professional display. They will be doweled for support, boxed, and ready for pickup or delivery. We offer free local delivery, and charge a fuel fee of $10 + $0.56 per mile roundtrip for destinations outside the 62269 zipcode. 




Our cupcakes are baked fresh in white, kraft, or espresso liners unless otherwise specified by the customer. 

They are moist, rich, and filled and topped with our finest, handmade fillings and frostings, then decorated with your choice of sprinkles, drizzles, nonpareils, sugar pearls, or edible toppers.

Standard - Cake and Frosting, simple decor.  $3.50 / Gluten Free: $3.75
Deluxe - Premium toppings and filling. $3.75 / Gluten free: $4

Jumbo - Extra large cupcake, Filling, Frosting, deluxe garnish. $6.00

Two-bite Minis - Cake, frosting, simple decor. $15/dozen
Edible Cupcake Toppers - $1.50 - $3 each 

Specialty cupcake wrappers, plastic toppers, or special dietary considerations may accrue an additional fee. Please inquire with details of your request for a custom price quote on any additional extras. 


If you have further questions, please visit our Questions page to read through our FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time if we can be of assistance.